Strategic Consulting Services

Everdear business advisory team comprises of strategic consultants, investment bankers, chartered accountants and attorneys in Chennai - India, Abu Dhabi, Dubai - UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore with decades of experience in driving businesses into sustainable growth.

1. Creating a Competitive advantage

Everdear business advisors would assist you in identifying and building on your strengths to win. Our strategic advisory team help you in harnessing your company's unique capabilities and convert market opportunities into sustainable growth.

2. Continuous Innovation

Everdear strategic consulting team would help you in finding a better way to break through. Our team would assist you in Innovating boldly, and intelligently, to create and deliver new value. Entrepreneurs usually come to us and say our competition is quicker to market', or we don't do enough game-changing initiatives. Everdear investment bankers look beneath the surface to diagnose the real problems - and help solve them.

3. Transform Human Resources

Everdear advisors would assist you in aligning human talent with your strategy to win. We work with you to advance your human capital approach in order to propel your business forward. As part of refocussing your organization’s people strategy, our strategic advisors making sure that the right people with the right capabilities are in the right positions so they can directly impact your growth.

4. Deal Optimisation through Everdear advisors

With us, you would own success at every turn. We would assist you in uncovering and delivering on opportunities that build lasting value. Our investment bankers and strategic advisors in Chennai, India, Dubai, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong would work with you on optimizing deals so they can look around the corner and be prepared for any scenario that might impact their ability to derive benefit from a transaction.

Everdear team help our clients, corporates, family offices and financial sponsors, seize potential, avoid pitfalls, and adapt with agility to shape transformational deals anywhere along the deal spectrum, from deal strategy through value capture.

5. Strengthen Trust and Transparency

Everdear advisors and business consultants assist you in enhancing trust across your network. Adopt an approach to information that fosters healthy relationships.

Everdear compliance team would work closely with you to control and mitigate the business risks your company faces every day - internal, external, and ever-changing. This holistic risk approach results in the transparency needed to enable businesses to inspire trust and be prepared to act on opportunities.

6. Align costs with business strategy

Everdear business advisors assist you in realize your performance potential. Our team would work with you to focus on your top priorities to fuel profitable growth. Our proven managed growth strategy thinks through various cost implications across your organization and aligns your organization's priorities to feed performance in a focused, accelerated way.

7. Create unique customer experiences

Everdear business advisors and strategic consulting team would work with you to better engage your customers. We help you to deliver connected experiences that grow your business and brand. Everdear strategic consultants help brands and the companies that bring them to life move at the speed of customers.

Everdear advisors deliver strategic solutions through our proprietary team and our business partners. We have empanelled the best business consultants, chartered accountants, lawyers, investment managers, advisors, investment banks, and consultants in Chennai, India, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong to support us on strategic advisory solutions.

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